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A look into Influencer Marketing People tend to pay more attention when products are being recommended by someone they know and look up to, even recommendations from friends and family members. Recommendations are known to be more believable and genuine, rather than just seeing the typical straightforward advertisements. Social media plays a valuable part in marketing strategies, and the number of people who browse the internet daily is increasing rapidly. Consumers are looking to experts, critics, bloggers, celebrities, and more to shine a light on their perception of certain products and to influence them in their purchasing decisions. That is why countless brands and entrepreneurs are turning to Influencer Marketing as a top priority. Going through the basics When you come across the words “influencer marketing”, it’s pretty much self-explanatory. We know that marketing is a strategy one uses to inform people, or rather to promote and advertise their products or services to their targeted customers and to society in general. Having the right marketing strategy is an essential part of running a business. From the word “influence”, we understand that it is the power to have an impact on the opinion of someone or something. It has to do...

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Brand Advocate: David Ortiz aka ‘Big Papi’ Company: Samsung Sponsored Social Media: Tweet David Ortiz or ‘Big Papi’ from the Boston Red Sox took a selfie of himself and President Obama with a Samsung phone in front of the white house.  Needless to say when he tweeted it and the media wrote about it the story went viral. When the selfie took place it seemed “spontaneous.” What really took place?  Samsung later told the media it signed a promotional deal or “had a relationship” with David Ortiz.  In short David Ortiz was paid by Samsung to promote their phones / brands. When David tweeted the photo did he follow the FTC rules and use #ad?  No.  Did he need to?  No.  The guy just took a picture and posted it socially. Did Big Papi generate this much buzz because he wrote “a product review” and post it on his blog?  No.  He got paid legally to be a brand advocate and took advantage of a great opportunity.

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Brand Advocate: Ellen Deegenres Company: Samsung Sponsored Social Media: Tweet Ellen Degeneres in a similar way and she landed a home run at the Oscars.  Was Samsung or Ellen in violation of the new FTC social media guidelines that regulate full disclosure of a sponsored tweets happen if money changes hands?   No action was taken even though Ellen didn’t add #ad in her tweet nor any disclosure that Samsung was paying money for this sneaky ‘social media campaign.’  Was it because of Ellen’s celebrity status or because it was ‘unplanned’ and ‘spontaneous?’  Either way Samsung walked away with what some are saying “A billion dollars in marketing value.”

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Would you be willing to receive free products from companies to review and give away on your blog if you could bring home an extra $500 to $2,000 each month in advertising dollars? Current marketing analysis shows that businesses promoting products online are willing to pay bloggers to review products. Why? Reviews and giveaways inexpensively increase market exposure, get people talking about a product socially, and increase mentions of their company name and product name online for SEO purposes. Because of these new marketing techniques, millions of bloggers are adding ‘sponsored product reviews’ to their advertising portfolio.  Why?  Companies promoting products are looking for inexpensive market exposure, social engagement, and link building tactics.  This opens up a whole new area of opportunity for bloggers. For popular bloggers who already have a wide readership, this is a great chance to receive some free products, build a relationship with a company who is looking for new methods of advertising, and expand their income. Many will debate the ethics behind this marketing tactic, but the fact is that millions of companies incorporate it into their online marketing budget to the point where the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) issued revised legal guidelines in 2009...

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Consider this scenario. You put up a lot of effort for writing ads. Right from headline to body copy, you don’t miss an inch of space. You are crisp, clear and to the point. Why then, do you not show the same amount of decisiveness for your landing page copy? The tragedy is that a lot of people present their landing pages as if they are writing a blog. But you must remember that your landing page is there to convert your leads into sales; hence they should be appropriate, clear and easy to assemble. On an average, a viewer spends 3 seconds within a web page. So you have little time to grab their attention. This is why we have compiled a list of the top tricks to have powerful landing page copy. Following these tips is the sure shot way to gain your viewer’s much prized attention. Eye Catching Headlines And by this I mean, please don’t go for “BUY NOW”, “Sale Sale Sale” and headlines of this sort. Your headlines should be concise and should fulfill the promise of your ad. For instance, if your ad is for selling online marketing courses, then the landing page should...

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How To Promote Yourself

Believe it or not, one of the best ways to get increased exposure for your company is to publish content on websites other than your own. Are you thinking, “Who the heck would let me do that?” The answer is lots and lots and lots of places – once you know how to find and approach them. Sometimes called “influencing” sites, this is a fantastic form of online public relations that, when done correctly, gets you tons of exposure and lots of backlinks. What Is Guest Blogging? Guest blogging simply means being allowed to publish a blog or other information as a guest on someone else’s site. Generally you can include at least one link to your site and a short author biography. Sometimes a site will want specific information, like a proposed topic and outline, before you post; but other sites want guest bloggers so much that you’re almost guaranteed to be able to post something there. One very easy way to find sites that allow guest bloggers is using specific terms in the Google search bar. These can include: inurl: “guest post” – This will find pages with the words “guest post” somewhere in the page URL. intitle:...

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Be Natural

The SEO world has been changing of late, especially since the release of Google’s recent Panda and Penguin updates. One major shift has been in how Google tracks and analyzes internal keyword links on websites and online publications. Gone are the days when you could just stuff your sites or documents with keyword links which were partially or even totally unrelated to your subject matter. Today, creating effective internal site links has become something of a very precise art form in order to rank high in Google search results, but always the focus must be on creating links that people will naturally want to use to find more information. It’s become a matter of quality versus quantity. How Google Sees Links In Google’s view, someone who clicks on a link to a site is “voting” for that site. More “votes” for a site means that lots of people find it valuable which gives it a higher Google ranking. However, the recent updates are all about reducing the amount of spam in the ranking lists, so Google’s algorithm is now consistently checking for unnatural links which, when found, will move a site down in the results list. Some of the specific...

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What Are They Saying About You

Today’s hot topic is how SEO is shifting from being a back-office operation of applying formulas to a website, blog, or other block of online text to a very social one based on online PR. To get an idea of what we’re talking about, take a look at Rand Fiskin’s five minute video, Anchor Text is Dying And Will Be Replaced By Co-citation. The Old Ways Are Dying In the fast-moving world of SEO, anchor text keywords were the traditional way that we told Google what we were talking about. If you were trying to make your site Jones Real Estate high ranking for “real estate in Louisville, KY,” you might hyperlink those words to a page in your website. You would also add a title tag that would say, in essence, “Hey, Google, this article is about buying and selling homes in the Lou, where Realtor® Mary Jones is an expert.” Google, which ranks pages based on a secret algorithm, would consider links like that as the main factor in ranking the page. As of April 2012, Google changed the rules so anchor text linking is now less important. Building Associations And Reputation Rand Fishkin talks about this concept...

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What Google wants post penguin

Tom Phelan is the newest SEO member of the WebBizIdeas Team. To introduce Tom to you we thought we would we ask him his thoughts on what Google wants “Post-Penguin Update.” Here is what Tom believes will help local business owners become experts online in 2013. 1. More Is No Longer Better It used to be that just having more incoming links to your pages, more pages on your website, and more keywords in your content was better. The worst that could happen is that you might not get much added benefit. But now Google is actively punishing recipients of links from “bad” sites, people who over-optimize their pages with respect to keywords, and people who spin off dozens of pages with slightly different content on their site. Using Webmaster Tools to determine what pages or links are actually bringing down your SEO is a good idea, especially for established pages that have seen their rankings drop. 2. Analytics & Design Are Important I think that the most interesting thing that I learned about Panda is that it takes into account site metrics to determine whether users think your website is of high quality or not. The bounce rate, time...

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How I Found That Site

Watch this video to learn how to find related websites to build links on by using simple search operating terms like  ”write for us.”   Then find the people that guest blog and discover even more opportunities to publish your content on.  You are basically coping the guest bloggers that have done what you are trying to do. How I Found That Site | Copy Others Who Guest Blog