On-Page Optimization Analysis


Periactin (watch) - Special internet prices. Best quality generic meds. Fast worldwide shipping. VISA, Mastercard, American Express & eCheck The objective of this tutorial is to help you determine which of your web pages need to be optimized for search rankings and to show you how to create a document to keep this information organized.

Step 1. Sign up for SEOMoz’s On-Page Optimization Tool

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Step 2. Type In Keyword and URL

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Step 3. Determine What Needs To Be Fixed

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Step 4. Add what needs to be fixed in your On-Page Optimization Template

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Tip #1: Optimize your home page first.

If your time is limited and You only have time to optimize one page, do your home page.

Tip #2: Create a Report

Create a report for each page you want optimized, export the report as a .pdf file, and outsource this task to a content writer. You will save a great deal of money by doing this initial analysis yourself.

Create report

Tip #3: Optimize for 1-3 Main Keywords

Optimize each page for 1-3 main keywords, but also insert other related keywords in the page.

Optimize for main keywords


The list below outlines the first part of the process of On Page SEO Analysis:

  1. Identify the web pages to optimize, i.e. the pages for which you want to rank number one on searches, using SEOMoz’s On-Page Optimization Tool.
  2. Determine what needs to be fixed.
  3. Add and track this information on your On-Page Optimization Template.

These initial steps are very important in helping you analyze and correct issues with keyword optimization for your web pages. In an upcoming tutorial you’ll learn how to make additional improvements.