Check To Ensure Your Local Business Listings Are Consistent


There are two purposes to checking each of your local business listings and making the appropriate changes. One reason to verify that all of your business information is accurate is to ensure that Google knows that each of the business listings belongs to a single company – yours. Also, correcting any outdated, duplicate or misinformation makes it easier for customers to contact you for your products or services.

Step 1. Open your local business listing template

This is the same template you downloaded and used during the Local Business Listing tutorial.

Local Business Listing Template

Step 2. Open each profile url

Since you have added URL’s for every directory in which your company appears during the Local Business Listing, you are now ready to verify the details of your company’s listing.

Open each profile url

Step 3. Check each local business profile

Click on each URL and follow the link to your business listing on each page to ensure the accuracy of all of your company information. The three main details to check for consistency and accuracy include business name, address and phone number, also known as NAP.

The NAP listing information should be an exact match to what has been written on your Local Business Information Template.

Checking NAP Consistency

Tip #1: Make any necessary changes as quickly as possible

Compile a list of all of the sites in which you found inconsistencies, inaccurate or questionable information. To make changes quickly and save time, you my want to consider outsourcing the task to one of your employees.

Make neccessary changes to NAP

Tip #2: Double check listings in Google Places

It is worth spending more time in Google Places checking for duplicate or inaccurate information.

If you do happen to find listings that need to be changes, go to Google Places Duplicate Business Listings. Here, you will be able to select which option applies to your situation along with instructions on how to proceed.

Double check listings in Google Places

Tip #3: You can fix innacurate information yourself

If you find that Google isn’t fixing the reported problem, you can claim all of the listings yourself and verify ownership of your business. After claiming all of the listings, you can merge all of the duplicate listings by removing all of the information found within them except for the required fields. After removing the information on all of the duplicate listings, delete all but one of them.

You can fix innacurate information yourself

Tip #4: Verify your WhoIs information

The last base you will need to cover is to ensure that your domain name registration is consistent with your Local Business Information template. Check it here.

Check your WhoIs Information


Verifying that your business information is accurate can go a long way in terms of positioning your company at the top of search engine rankings.

Following these steps is a small, but important, part of your SEO campaign.