Submit Your Business To These Directories


After completing this tutorial you will know how to build online citations for your company, how to keep getting listings so you always have more citations than your competitors, and how to keep your websites active so they continually rank high on Google searches.

What is a reference or citation?

Any time Google can associate a specific company in their Local Directory (i.e. Google+ Local) with a company that is mentioned online. A web designer, marketer and business owner can ensure this happens by listing their company’s Name, Address, and Phone Number (i.e. NAP) on as many sites as possible. Sites that code with standards help this process.

Step 1. Create an Email Address

The first step for building online citations is to create an email address in this format:

create an email address

Step 2. Open LBL Template and LBL Information

Here is what the Local Business Listing Template and Information Form look like:

LBL Template and LBL Information

Step 3. Add Your Business

Register, and create a full business profile on each website in the LBL database. The database is in order, so start at top. Use the same username (the email address you created) and password for each site if possible. Start at the top and work your way down. Some websites require the business owner to verify their business address or phone number so ensure that this is done.


add your business

Step 4. Double Check Your Information

  • Double check that business listings are FULLY created (i.e. 100% profile creation).
  • Double check that business listings match the Local Business Information EXACTLY.

double check your information

Tip #1: Create As Many Listings As Possible At One Time

It doesn’t matter how many LBL you create at once. Google adds these listings to their database in bulk every so many weeks/months. So go ahead and create 25, 50, 100+ Local Business Listings all at once if you can.

create as many listings as possible at one time

Tip #2: Never Stop Getting Listings

Watch the three tutorials below. They show you how to find more LBL Listings and how to determine if you have more listings than your competitors.

Tip #3: Keep Your Site Active

After you create your listings, go back each month and add different content types (i.e. videos, coupons, reviews, etc…) to each profile. Activity on your site keeps it valuable (ranking higher) on Google. The more valuable your profiles are, the higher you will rank on searches.

keep your site active


To successfully build monthly local citations that consistently rank you ahead of your competitors, follow these steps:

  • Create e-mails
  • Open LBL Template and LBL Information
  • Add Your Business
  • Double Check the Information

Once you have built your online citations and set up your local business listings, make sure that your profiles and the listings you’re getting are high-quality. You’ll have much better rankings because in the long run it’s really more about quality than quantity.