Influence Low Valued Websites & People


After reading this tutorial, you will know how to obtain additional links to your website by
posting information on low value sites.

Because they really want and need content, low value sites are ready-made to allow you to
influence them, and you can both obtain links and improve your SEO by submitting content to
these sites consistently over time.


After you open your PR Template, take a look at the graph below to see which low value sites
will generate the best results. One very productive area is guest blogging, another is writing for
niche article directories, and the third best category is forums.

open your PR Template

Great SEO is no longer about writing one article and posting it in 100 difference places. It’s
about posting great content in different formats on many appropriate websites.


After opening your template, click the tab labeled “Low Value Points” and begin choosing the
sites you want to influence. Step 3 below will explain how to get value from sites in the various

Low Value Points


The categories that will get you the biggest returns are guest blogging, article sites, and forums.
Focus on these when deciding what low value sites to influence. However, each category has
something to offer and can bring you good results if used the right way.

Category: Blogs/Guest Blogging

Some low value sites that can produce big results are blog sites that allow guest posting. Your
PR Template should have a login link for each site that will allow you to contribute content.

For example, an attorney or lawyer might have a website on criminal defense and allow the
site’s followers/community to write quality information on criminal law and be a guest blogger
on the site. Generally the site will list requested/required topics along with the benefits of
writing for the site. This often includes link drop opportunities, where you get to mention your
company and add an anchor text to your website as a reward for posting content to the site.

Blogs/Guest Blogging

No matter what industry you’re in, there are hundreds of websites in your field that you can
contribute to. These sites don’t want to spend the money to hire people to write for them so
they allow readers to do it. Be sure to add the sites’ URLs to your PR template as you find

These websites are not the CNN’s of your industry and are not as popular mainly because
anyone can contribute to them. However, lower value doesn’t mean you can’t post quality
information and become very popular. Remember, low value equals very easy to influence. It’s
almost guaranteed that if you write something and submit it to one of these sites it will be
posted, and you’ll have created a new link to your business.

It comes down to numbers: how many links do you need to surpass your competitors? Posting
unique articles in many different places can help grow your links, and guest posting is a great
way to accomplish this. People have built their careers on guest posting and have ranked
number one in Google just by guest posting.

Category: Niche Article Sites/Directories

These sites can also be very easy to influence. A good example is It’s a directory of
lawyers, but the site also distributes information about attorneys and law issues. They allow
their members or people in their directory to submit articles with links back to the writer’s
website. There are sites like this in every industry and they are a great way to get links from a
number of different sources.

Niche Article Sites/Directories

If you have 20 different article sites on your PR Template, your goal might be to get one guest
post on these sites every month. It’s not as high-quality as posting on the home page of, but it still allows you to build up value.

Using our baseball illustration, you don’t need to hit home runs to rank number one; you need
to consistently get on base. So find sites like this that allow you to contribute information, write
fantastic posts every month, and watch your rankings increase.

Category: Forums

Forums have been around forever, and used properly you can rank number one very quickly for
content you’ve produced.

When working with a forum, you can’t just come in and list your company or you’ll immediately
get kicked off. You need to contribute to the forum, to help people out by answering questions
or providing helpful information.


99% of the time you will not be directly promoting your company. What you can do is to
promote something you’ve written and provide a link to that content, not to your organization.
However, if people find your content in the search engines it’s the same as finding you or your

Perhaps you’ve created a video on “Search Engine Friendly Web Development” or have written
a guest post on another site. Promoting this on the forum is an effective traffic-building
technique. If you can rank this video number one on the search engines, it’s the same as having
your company rank first. In a roundabout way, you’re still promoting your company and people
are finding you from your posted content.


While you can sometimes refer to your company site when it makes sense, most often it’s
better to refer to the content you’ve published. So the rule of thumb for forums is: Don’t
promote yourself or your company. Promote the content/information you’ve created and
published online.

Here’s another example of the kind of helpful information to use in a forum post.


Category: Events

Your goal with this category is to have an event and announce it online. There are many places
to submit event announcements locally and within a particular industry.

If you can’t think of an event for your industry, go to for fantastic ideas. Once you
have your event set up, plaster it everywhere online: related websites (see our tutorial on this
topic), local online newspapers and local online event sites. There are hundreds of possibilities,
and almost every niche-related industry publication has a place to post events. The beauty of
this is that you create one event, post it everywhere, and can potentially obtain 50 different
links for your website.


**WebBizIdeas is also building a template of national and local event sites to help with event
postings. We’ll have it done soon, so be sure to check back with us.**

Category: Press Releases

Anything and everything that is high-quality, news-worthy information should be submitted to
online PR sites such as PR Web, PR Newswire and For around $25, the
website will provide a list of PR sites where you can submit your information.
Get your information out where people can see it.

Press Releases

For example, PR Web has a very large network. We ran a Google search on an article title that
was submitted initially through PR Web and got 3,900 search results. This means your
information could potentially get to 3,900 different places.

One of the great benefits of press releases is that they find their way to sites like PR News Web,
Google News and Yahoo News, which means you can obtain a large number of links from your
one press release.

Because these sites are lower value they may not by themselves help you rank number one in
search results, but it all adds up. If you keep consistently posting to lots of lower value sites,
eventually you will rank high for many of different keywords.

Category: Coupons/Deals

Coupons are a low value site that can sometimes work really well for generating links. Create
your coupon and submit it to 50 or 100 places online for best results. For $50,
will send your coupon out to 100 various online sites, and it wouldn’t be any cheaper (or easier)
to do it on your own. They’ll do all the work.


***WebBizIdeas is also creating a database for these types of sites including Groupon, Living
Social and more to help you find fantastic places to build links from coupons.***


Category: Videos

Like Forums, videos have been around a long time, and they make it very easy to create
fantastic content.


Once again, can get your video posted onto many online sites. As mentioned
before, you won’t rank number one for keywords on the lower value sites, but posting quality
videos every month will build your reputation for providing great content, increase your
followers, and eventually lead to higher search engine rankings.

Category: Organizations

Find the website(s) of whatever local or national organization you belong to and list your
website with them. Most places will let you create a profile on the site with a link back to your
company. You don’t need to have it on the organization’s home page. Just a link somewhere on
the organization’s site will give you exposure.


Category: Sponsors

Being a sponsor is one of the easiest ways to get links. You can use advanced search operator
terms (see our tutorial) to find hundreds of things you can sponsor in return for having your
logo and company link on the sponsorship site, some of which can be of very high value.


Category: Portfolios

With some creativity, portfolios are a great way to build lower value links. A portfolio generally
shows off your company’s products, services and accomplishments.


There are many places online to show the work you’ve done, and you need to get your
information out there. Two great ones are Flickr and Pinterest, but you can find more using
advanced search operator terms.

If you are a chiropractor, your portfolio might show off the special techniques you use to
improve patient health.


A plumber might do something like this:


Category: Jobs

Job sites are sometimes desperate for people to submit content. Again, be creative.


If you’re a chiropractor, find the 50 top chiropractic colleges in the U.S. and see if you can
submit a job posting or other information. Most universities have classified sections for
students and alumni to find jobs. Perhaps you could write an article about the job prospects in
your particular field and post it on a job site, which would be great exposure for your company.


Submit one opening to the JobScore site and see it sent to 50 or so other sites. Zoho Recruit is
another great job site.

With a little research you can find the job sites for your industry and submit job openings or
other content each month with good results.


Don’t discount low value sites when it comes to getting links for your company. These sites are
easier to influence because they’re practically begging for content. It’s almost guaranteed that
you’ll get published on many of these sites.


Use your PR Template to stay organized, and low value sites will provide a very easy way to get
lots of links every month.


Even though these sites are not the CNNs of your industry, they will produce great results if
used consistently and creatively.


To successfully increase your links by submitting content to low value sites, follow these steps:

  • Open your Online PR Template.
  • Open the tab “Low Value Points” and begin choosing sites to influence following the steps in this tutorial.

Remember that the first three categories–Guest Blogging, Niche Article Sites and Forums–will
produce the best results, but used correctly and consistently over time any low value site can
generate links and improve your search engine results.

For this tutorial, you will need: