Find Related Sites – Third Party Sites


The objective of this tutorial is to successfully use 15 different third-party websites to find
related websites that you can add to your Online PR Template and then influence to gain
authority links and increase your search engine rankings.


Before you can begin to influence sites, it’s important to know who your competition is. Use the
following 15 third-party sites to search for your competitors’ sites as well as the sites of any
leaders in your industry.



Type a website name into the search box to find more websites that relate to the topic of the
site you searched on.




These first five sites are fantastic resources for finding similar sites that you can add to your
Online PR Template and influence at a later date.

The next five websites are all related to Google’s tools for finding information.

#6: Google Trends

Like the others, Google Trends allows you to compare not only multiple websites but also
statistics about those sites.

google trends

#7: Google Reader

Google Reader allows you to find RSS feeds which then lead you to websites which you might
reach out to and get publicity for your company.

google reader

#8: Google News

google news

#9: Google Blogs

google blogs

#10: Google Groups

google groups

#11: Google Ad Planner

There is so much you can do with Google Ad Planner! The graphics below show how to find
high-quality sites in specific areas by filtering your searches.

google ad plannergoogle ad plannergoogle ad plannergoogle ad planner


This is a new website that tracks discussions online. You’ll find people who are talking about a
specific topic because it’s in their Twitter biography. This can help you find sites where you can
publish your own articles which over time will improve your search engine rankings.


This is a fairly new site that tracks people and Google+ profiles. It gives you the ability to search
for editors of sites and then filter down to writers of magazines that you can search for. You
then add their contact information to your PR Template.

#14: LinkedIn

With LinkedIn, you can filter your search to find writers and editors and then browse through
their lists of associations they write for to hopefully find websites we can influence. You can
find people who relate to your subjects and look through where they’ve worked to find more


TIP: Use Open Site Explorer (OSE) To Build Your Database

Put the URL of a website into one of the other sites or into OSE to find other websites that
might link to the site you typed in. You’ll repeat the process over and over to keep building your
database of websites.

use open site explorer to build your database

#15: Backtweets

backtweetsuse search operators to refine search on backtweets


Once you find related websites, keep refreshing this process by continually putting site names
into these various third-party sites so you can continue to find more and more sites to influence
every month.


To successfully find related websites to influence using third-party websites, follow these steps:

  • Make a list of your industry leaders and competition.
  • Plug this information into these 15 third-party websites to find similar sites that you can influence.
  • Add the URLs, contact information and examples to your PR Template.
  • Don’t stop searching – every new site can lead you to another!

Having many, many websites to influence means better authority links and higher search
engine rankings. Using the third-party websites in this tutorial can help you build a very large
database of related websites to add to your Online PR Template and influence month after

For this tutorial, you will need: