Find Where Your Company is Already Listed Online


The purpose of identifying the sites in which your company information is listed is to determine that the information is displayed accurately and that your business has the same visibility, if not more, than your competitors. Organizing the information you find as you identify directory sites that have listed your company is an imperative step to maximizing your company’s reach and visibility.


There are two ways you can find your local business listings – Manually and automatically.

To find your local business listings manually, go to

Type [“Your Phone Number” “Address”] in brackets and intitle:”Your Company Name” into the search bar. It will look like this:

Find your local business listings manually with google

This will show you all of the websites that have your company listed in their directories.

Example showing sites that have company listed in their directories

You will click on each individual listing and copy the URL that contains your company’s profile and paste it into your Local Business Listings template. Some examples will be as follows:

Example of directories with website listings

To automatically find your business listings, you can use the Local Citation Finder software from White Spark.

Automatic Local Citation Finder

Here, you will enter your state, city, phone number and business name and click ‘search’.

The search results will provide you with a master list that contains all of the sites in which your company is listed. You will be able to click on the plus signs next to each listing to view the URL that contains your business information.

Update your local business listing template with profile URL’s so you know where your business is listed online. You will use this data in the next tutorial to check NAP consistency for your local business listings.

Check NAP consistency for local business listings

If you do not find your business listed on the page after following the URL provided by the Local Citation Finder, simply enter your company name at the top of the pages and you will be redirected to the page that contains your listing. You can them update your URL on your Business Listing Template accordingly.

Tip #1: Organize your business listings

As you enter each business listing into your Local Business Listing Template, it is very important to add them according to three categories: Local, National and Industry. These three categories will help to keep your listings organized for future use.

Organize your local business listings

Tip #2: Search local directories for duplicate listings or incorrect information

Search for your business using all of your local listing directories. This will show you everywhere your company has been listed and allow you to make any changes to duplicate listings.

Search directory for duplicate or incorrect information

If you find that your business has been listed with an incorrect name, address or telephone number, fill out the local business information template and submit the correct information to the website in question. This is a standard form that can be copied and pasted which makes it fast and convenient to make any necessary changes to your business listings.


Following these steps will help you to locate and verify each of your company’s listings. In addition to providing directory sites in which your company is listed, the tools provided by WebBizIdeas help you to stay organized and efficient during your SEO campaign.

  • Search for your business using manual methods or specialized software
  • Record all of your company’s local business listings using the Local Business Listing template

By following the steps outlined in this tutorial and utilizing the Local Business Listing template, you will effectively identify all of the sites in which your company information is listed and organize the information for future use.