Find Where Your Competitors Are Listed Online – Geo & Niche

Goal The objective is to generate a list of directories dedicated to your local area and your business niche. Then you’ll be able to submit your business to these directories.

Step 1. Search local city + business directory

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| Discounts🔥 |. Why Do Not Click To Get it online ,Save Up To 70% On Pills. Check More » Start by going to Google. Simply enter your local city along with “business directory.” For example, you might enter “denver business directory.”

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The trend Munmro shellac its wanderers mainly. rights Zackariah label your concaves sails unpleasantly? Does it purchase building your business' location authority For more results, try related searches like “colorado business directory”, “denver business”, “denver events”, “shop denver”, etc.

Step 2. Click on results and evaluate potential

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  • local chamber of commerce
  • media outlets
  • events listings
  • links listings BBB Accredited Business

For example, a business in Denver might be interested in the following:

As you can see here, CBS Denver is a media outlet with a local directory where you might list your business. Likewise, Denver 365 is a place you might advertise any local events you might have.

Then, of course, there are your more straightforward directory listings, like these ones:

straightforward directory listings

Since these sites are already listed in Google and rank well, your link will enjoy the same benefits.

Preferably, you want to get listed on the first page of the directory’s links in your category, if possible.

you want to get listed on the first page

Record these sites so you can pursue building links on them later. In this way, you can build your business’ local authority in the eyes of search engines. For your convenience, we have a Local Business Listing Template you can download.

Step 3. Search keyword + local area

Next, let’s work on building your niche authority.

Choose a keyword to being with from your business’ Keyword Research. We’ll come back to the other keywords later.

Now go to Google again. This time, we’re going to enter a keyword, followed by your local city.

choose keyword from keyword research

For example, you might enter “chiropractors in fargo north dakota.” Alternatively, you could enter “chiropractors fargo” or “chiropractors north dakota.”

This should bring up sites that list businesses like yours in your area, like this:

find sites that list businesses like yours in your area

Step 4. Click on results and evaluate potential

Much as before, you want to click each result and figure out what it is and whether you can list your business there.
For example, chiropractors in Denver may be interested in these sites:

find the major local directories in your business niche.

Continue like this with other keywords, until you find the major local directories in your business niche.

Again, these sites are valuable because they already rank well. They came up first in the search results, so that means Google must value them. Getting your business listed in them means your link will be similarly valued.


Tip #1: Get in contact

If it isn’t immediately obvious how to get listed on a site, you may have to get in contact with them. Whether by phone or email, find out what it takes to get listed, how much it costs (if anything), and how to get listed on the first page of your category.

get in contact

Tip #2: Include social media sites

Don’t forget about social media sites in the process. They may have listings too, like this Facebook page:

include social media sites

Tip #3: Go 5-10 pages deep

The first five pages of Google results are the sites that rank the best, so they are your most valuable prospects. You can go as deep as ten pages if necessary, but beyond that may not be worth your time.

the first five pages of Google results are the sites that rank the best


To successfully find local and niche directories to which you may submit your business, follow these steps:

  • Search local area + business directory
  • Click on results and evaluate potential
  • Search keyword + local area
  • Click on results and evaluate potential

With these directories, you’ll quickly build location authority and niche authority for your business.

For this tutorial, you will need: