Online PR For Businesses That Sell Products


The objective of this tutorial is to build quality links and strong social strategies by showcasing
your products on authoritative blogger websites that fully relate to your business niche. We’ll
show you a fantastic system for reaching out to bloggers and keeping track of the work either
on your own or through outsourcing. Finally, you’ll learn how good SEO companies build
effective links on Google to continually rank high in search results.

While this tutorial is mainly for e-commerce sites or for retail owners selling a product, anyone
can benefit from the information that follows.


The goal of blogger outreach is to get people to see your products. It’s about finding and
contacting bloggers, sending them your products to review, and getting them to write editorials
or other content about your products on their site.

Let’s say you sell Chicago White Sox key chains. You would contact bloggers/blog sites that
write about the Chicago White Sox to see if they might feature your item on their site and/or
write about it. It’s the online equivalent of sending your products to magazine editors in hopes
that they will review it.

If you are a business owner with multiple employees doing this type of work, a Blogger
Outreach Schedule can keep everything organized. If you are currently outsourcing the work or
have plans to do so, it will be invaluable.

This 12-month schedule organizes and plans when you will reach out to bloggers. On the right
side are columns for each month with lists of bloggers to contact every month. You want to
start building long-term relationships with these bloggers, and scheduling helps you to stay

blogger outreach schedule

The template should also have links to the product information on your website. If you
outsource this work to someone who’s not familiar with what you sell, they can just jump to
those web pages and quickly get up to speed.

The various columns in the Blogger Outreach Schedule are very helpful for anyone using this
document. For example, Column D holds a link to an email template that you or your employee
will use to contact each blogger. If you have outsourced this work offshore, using templates can
help with any communication issues that arise. The employee simply finds an appropriate
blogger, copies and pastes the template into the email, and then sends the products, changing
them as needed. (See the yellow areas in the example below.) Even employees without
experience in marketing or SEO will understand what to do.

NOTE: Using email templates is absolutely essential in this process.


Online reports will also help you to stay organized and track your progress in contacting
bloggers. The reports provide data such as when you reached out to a specific website or when
you plan to do so.

You can track not only who you are contacting but also who has agreed/not agreed to review
your products. You’ll be able to see how valuable each site is and whether or not it’s getting you
the returns you want.

In short, this is a database of people you can reach out to/market to over and over again.

blogger outreach reports

One particularly unique feature of this report is the Partners tab at the bottom where you list
those bloggers who have agreed to review your products. The data is formatted to integrate
with mailing programs such as and CRM software so you can easily prepare mailing
labels. The color coding of this section makes it easy to review who has asked for products,
when products were sent, who has reviewed them and more.

Again, whether you have outsourced this process or are doing it yourself, at the end of a month
you can see where you are with each account and whether or not your work is resulting in
people writing product reviews.

To help determine the value of the blogging sites, WebBizIdeas has developed a free site called
Tomoson on which retailers post a product they want bloggers to review and bloggers then
apply to create the content. This site uses automated systems to track what’s been sent out for
review and to provide statistics about each blogger site on places like Google Analytics,
Facebook, Twitter and more so you can know how much traffic goes to each site.

Tomoson is a great way to continually track the social engagement of your brand online. You
want to be seen on very popular sites whenever possible to get the best value from that site.


This is an extremely important part of this process. You must have an email account with your
company name, not your personal name, or no-one will respond to your requests. Here’s an

Next, redirect this email to a Gmail account so you can manage your business emails anytime
from anywhere. This is particularly helpful if you’ll be outsourcing the work because you can
easily monitor and manage what’s being done.


Besides building links, you want your company and products to have social followers. The best
technique for this is to develop a social engagement strategy. Your end goal is for people to not
just see your product but to engage in your brand.

There are many ways to do this, but one good method is to run some type of promotion. Invite
those who have applied to review your product to go to your website, find the product they like
best, and tell you about it. They can also “like” the product on Facebook. Here are additional

create social strategy

These are easy ways to get feedback about your products and help people to engage with your
brand, which in turn helps you sell more products over time by generating more followers and
higher SEO rankings.

So don’t just give away your products and ask for reviews. Develop a social strategy that gets
people to interact with your company in some way.


Plan to create several email templates. For example, one template would be for an initial
inquiry to a blogger, another to respond to those who reply, to use when a product ships and so
on. Having emails for different scenarios will make the process fast and efficient. As previously
stated, whoever is doing the work can just copy and paste the pertinent information and keep
the process moving.

Below are several template examples. Feel free to download templates from our website and
use with your company.

create email templates


Create your reporting system, your email templates, etc. and outsource to a site like Feel free to use the videos and templates we’ve created to show them what you
want. Outsourcing takes a time-consuming task out of your hands so you can focus on other

In the Blogger Outreach Schedule you can link to a person’s ODesk profile and follow what’s
being done at any time. Below are sample profiles that show work updates.

outsorce email marketing & busy work


Monitoring your report information is very effective, especially if you’re working on a large
scale. The example below shows the kind of information you’ll want to know on a regular
schedule–once a month, once a week, or whatever works for your company. You can also get
this same information from Tomoson.

monitoring reports


It’s very important to train any outsourced employees that you use. There can sometimes be a
communication barrier that you’ll need to get around, and our videos and materials are great
training guides. We use them with our own outsourced workers, and you are welcome to use
them as well.

Find Current Workers

Teach / Train email marketers how to find blogs

Tell email marketers what blogs you want them to find & contact

Give URL / Access to reporting document (in Google docs) where they will update you on who they contacted.


Setting up your templates in Google lets you share, update and review your information in real
time, and you can grant this same access to anyone who needs it. As a manager, you can
instantly see who’s working on the document at any point in time to know that your
instructions are being carried out.


To create effective online public relations and showcase your products through blogger
outreach, follow these steps:

  • Create a blogger outreach schedule
  • Create a reporting document for an email marketer
  • Create email accounts (i.e.
  • Create a Social Strategy for your business.
  • Create email templates
  • Outsource email marketing and busy work.
  • Monitor reports

The steps in this tutorial are a proven method for building links using online e-commerce sites.
They work month after month and remain effective even as your business grows and you find
larger and more valuable blog sites on which to showcase your products.

With these methods you’ll continually rank first in Google searches no matter what changes
Google decides to make regarding ranking criteria.

For this tutorial, you will need: