Content Ideas – Trending Topics


If you’re creating lots of content, on-going topic ideas can be a real problem. This tutorial will
show you how to cultivate ideas based on current trending topics.

You’ll learn to utilize various online sites to develop informational or resourceful content for
your website, newsletters, blog, case studies, forums, contests, e-books, resource center,
magazines, editorials, infographics, videos, interviews, press releases, podcasts, webinars,
seminars, white papers–and more!

This is not sales content. It’s helpful, resourceful information on trending topics in your industry
that will attract people to your website. Once you complete this tutorial, you’ll never have to
struggle to find valuable content to share, and what you produce will improve your overall SEO.

As you locate resources, use your Content Inventory Document to keep track of what pages you
want to build.


Listed below are links and information for thirteen sites that offer current topics that people
are discussing online. Use these sites to develop your own great topic and content ideas that
people will want to find.

1. Enter Keywords in

This site monitors hundreds of social media sites to find what people are talking about in
real time. Type in a keyword such as “roof repair” to review many articles on this topic and
find ideas you’d like to use for your content.

enter keywords in

Click on any of the media types in the top row filter to find other sources such as videos to
provide ideas or to repurpose or recreate. Add these articles, videos or other sources to
your Content Inventory Document as reference material for future content.

click on different media types

2. Enter Keywords in

Plug a specific keyword into this site for many different subject ideas that your customers
will want to read about. Find articles that are “high sentiment” or high in popularity.

enter keywords in

find articles that are high sentiment

There is both a free and a paid version of this site, and it is very easy to use.

3. Enter Keywords in Twitter Search

Twitter is a great source of “street level” topics that real people are talking about.

enter keywords in Twitter search

For example, a Chiropractor might type in the keyword phrase “What should I do with a
pulled muscle” to find what people are saying on this subject and then develop unique
topics to write about. Again, put sources into your Content Inventory Document.

find topics people are actually talking about

4. Enter Keywords in is another very useful site that organizes information by how much people are
re-tweeting and commenting on it. You can find very trendy topic ideas on this site.

enter keywords in

If you plug in the keyword phrase “Landscaping Ideas” you might find an article on native
trees in New England. Even if you’re in a different region, people may want to learn about
the native trees in your area, so you could create a resource center to provide this
information and also mention your company’s planting services.

find articles people are engaging in

Information on this site can be sorted by hours, days, number of links, photos, videos and
more so you can narrow down your ideas to any level.

5. Enter Keywords in

People have used this site for years to find great content ideas. You can type in websites as
well as keywords and can organize or sort the information by number of comments on each
article. This way you can know what’s really trending and produce your content based on
that popular topic.

enter keywords in

If you use a search modifier such as “site:” in front of a URL, you can get detailed
information from one specific site. For example, “site:” will show you how
many people are commenting on information posted just on the CNBC site. You can then
review the most popular topics to develop your content ideas for that subject.

find articles people are commenting on

6. Enter Keywords in

By typing keywords that interest you into this site, you can find websites that are discussing
the same or similar information to help you develop topic ideas. You can also browse the
various categories on the site for topics.

enter keywords in

browse categories

You might also find inspiration by looking at websites that people have voted on as being
very popular.

find article ideas

getting the most views.

7. Search or Browse for Popular Topics

A widely-used site, has been around for years. It sorts more by topic popularity
than keywords, though you can type in keywords or categories to find popular topics.

search or browse for popular topics

You may not find topics that are specific to your industry, so here’s where you use some
creativity to figure out how to create a different “swing” on the topic and relate it back to
your particular business area.

search or browse for popular topics

8. Search in Delicious

This site also offers links to popular topics organized by how many people are discussing the
content. You can search by keywords or can browse through the related tags on the right to
find topic ideas.

search in Delicious

9. Use SEOquake to Find Highly-Tweeted, Shared or Plused Content Indexed in Google

You must download this site to use it. It’s also recommended to go to the site’s Preference
page and change the settings to the particular search engines you want to use.

use SEOquake

best way to use this site is to plug in a keyword combined with a search operator to
yield very specific results. For example, “intitle: bankruptcy questions” will find only pages
with “bankruptcy questions” in the title. You can then organize the search results by certain
parameters such as number of links, how many have shared it, etc.

Using “intitle: bankruptcy questions: infographics” will narrow your results to just images or
videos that people have created on this topic, which will provide a wealth of fantastic ideas.

Rather than finding highly-ranked SEO topics, you want to find subjects that people have
integrated with and are sharing with others.

10. Use Mashable to Find Popular Topics

Because it deals with sites like Facebook and Twitter, this site is more technical and online
savvy. Like, it can help you find what people are talking about most. However,
topics are fairly broad so you again need to use some creativity in developing topics that
relate back to your industry.

use Mashable to find popular topics

For example, a landscaper keeps finding Apple as a popular topic. A creative thinker might
see that Apple is building new headquarters and crate an article or infographic on how
Apple’s landscaping will affect the local environment, and then mentioning the services
offered by their landscaping company.

For SEO purposes, you want people linking to you and talking about you. You can do this by
producing great content around popular topics.

11. Use Google+ to find popular posts

Google’s new social search engine, Google+, can also provide great topic ideas. Type in
keywords like “landscaping ideas infographic” to find infographics have been already been
created, then find a way to take this information and make it better: create a video, a how-
to, a tutorial, a case study or whatever works best for your industry.

use Google+ to find popular posts

12. Browse Videos on YouTube

Videos on YouTube are organized by popularity. As with other sites, use an operating term
and keyword such as “intitle: landscaping” to find videos with landscaping in the title. See
what’s popular and then create your own content around that idea. Good videos can build a
strong customer base, but you could also use the video idea to create press releases, static
images, etc.

browse videos on YouTube

13. Read Posts on Facebook

Search through the many Google Groups on Facebook to see what they are talking about.
For example, a Dog Training Group might discuss how to teach your dog command words
and good habits, which are topics you might use. Look for potential keywords in these
discussions and then create content that people will want to read, such as an infographic on
the top ten commands to teach your dog.

read posts on Facebook


Come to the question and answer page of our website and let us know what sites have helped
you to find great topics for creating effective content.


Type in a popular website’s URL, using search operating terms, in sites like and
others mentioned in this tutorial to find popular topics JUST in that website:

find specific topics


Search for specific media files in sites like, and others
mentioned in this tutorial to find popular topics JUST in that website:

search specific media files for topics


Don’t limit yourself to just writing blogs or articles. Show off that great content in newsletters,
case studies, contests, e-books, infographics, videos, interviews, press releases, podcasts,
webinars, white papers and any other format that will make people want to connect with you.

create content


Re-purpose the content you find. For example:

re-purpose content


Develop great questions and/or plan to do surveys and polls so you can influence large media

influence readers with questions and polls


To successfully develop unlimited content ideas on trending topics, follow these steps:

  • Type in keywords into the various sites mentioned in this tutorial.
  • Review the information to find ideas for content you want to produce.
  • Record these ideas (websites, videos, infographics, etc.) in your Content Inventory Document.

Developing great content ideas doesn’t have to be hard. Use the sites in this tutorial for
unlimited content ideas based on trending topics, tie that content back to your industry
whenever possible, and publish it in many different formats. Create great content on popular
topics and improved SEO will follow.