Content Ideas – Question & Answers


After completing this tutorial you will know how and where to find questions people are asking
online and how to offer solutions full of relevant content.

Once you have the questions and answers, you can publish the information in many different
formats including newsletters, blog, case studies, forums, contests, e-books, resource center,
magazines, editorials, infographics, videos, interviews, press releases and more.

As you locate resources, use your Content Inventory Document to keep track of what pages you
want to create.


Compelling content is now the key to ranking high on search engine result pages, and a site like
Yahoo Answers can help you get there. Simply type in a keyword like “teeth whitening,” click
search, and you’ll see the many different questions people are asking about that topic.

Yahoo! Answers

Start by checking general answers and then narrow things down by clicking on the “Most
Answers” tab. Results can be organized by specific answers and/or by popularity.

Yahoo! Answers - most answers

If you’re someone in the dental business, these results would offer a fantastic way to find
relevant content. Add this information to your Content Inventory Document along with notes
on what format you plan to use when creating the content. One possibility is to poll/survey
dentists or patients, and use those statistics to create editorials and magazine articles to gain
brand exposure.

Yahoo! Answers

Remember to be creative on both the content you produce and the formats you use to publish

STEP 2. USING ANSWERS.COM is very similar to the Yahoo Answers site except it generally organizes information
by popularity.

Start by typing in your keyword or choose from questions at the bottom of the site that relate
to different topics and which usually provide more specific answers.

find related answers

There are also categories of questions and answers related to only one specific area. This
means you don’t have to sift through mountains of information to find what you want.

browse categories

Once you’ve reviewed the answers, decide how you can make the information better. Could the
overall content be improved? Would a different format draw more attention? Update your
Content Inventory Document with not just the information but also the format(s) you will use
when you publish the content.

content inventory template


Businesses connect on LinkedIn Answers and reply to the many questions asked by potential
customers. Again, broaden the spectrum of your answers for maximum brand awareness and
company exposure. Remember that content can still be worthwhile even if it does not exactly
relate to your business or industry.

Linkedin Answers

For example, a dentist could produce certain content and reach out to non-dental companies
with a survey. Taking this route can get other popular websites linking to your site and expose
your business to new customers.

As always, add this information to your Content Inventory Document template.

content inventory template


Also similar to Yahoo Answers, Quora provides very organized and very informative content.

The site tends to focus on one question and one answer, providing the best answer for each
question asked. The responses here are often better than on other answer sites.


Type in a keyword, run your search, and then click on the various answers for more
information. You can also select specific categories at the top of the site page and drill down to
even more specific questions.


This site is a great way to find content ideas than you can re-purpose and publish in various
formats. Copy and paste all this information into your Content Inventory template.

content inventory template


Don’t limit yourself to just writing blogs or articles. Show off that great content in newsletters,
case studies, contests, e-books, infographics, videos, interviews, press releases, podcasts,
webinars, white papers and any other format that will make people want to connect with you.

create content


Re-purpose the various types of content you find. For example:

re-purpose content


Develop great questions and answer them with surveys and polls that can influence large media
outlets and draw attention to your brand.

influence readers with questions and polls


To successfully develop content and content ideas from online answer sites, follow these steps:

  • Type keywords into Yahoo Answers,, LinkedIn Answers, Quora.
  • Review the questions and answers to develop your content ideas. Think of creative ways to tie this information to your business or industry.
  • Decide on the best format for your original or re-purposed information.
  • Add great questions, their answers and the format choices to your Content Inventory Document.

More than ever, great content is what drives SEO rankings. If you know the questions people
want answered, you can increase your brand exposure with relevant, useful content for your
customers, your industry, and the public at large.