Determine How Many Citations & Reviews Your Company Has


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faring amongst your competitors on Google. To do this, you must verify how many citations and
reviews you have compared to you local competitors. You will then need to check your progress
monthly and record your findings in order to accurately determine how well your local SEO
campaign is working.


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progress against your competitors.

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record your initial findings, as well as the progression each month.

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| Best Deals🔥 |. Free pills with every order! ☀☀☀ source ☀☀☀,Free Shipping, quality. Worldwide delivery. Buy Now » To do this manually, you can search for data by entering search operating terms into the Google
search bar. Place your company phone number and address into brackets, followed by the
word ‘intitle’ and your company name.

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If you choose to search manually, you will have to sort through all of the results and make sure
you account for any duplicate listings and subtract them from your total for an accurate

To automatically have citation results generated, you can use the Local Citation Finder software
from White Spark. This is the first step in using white spark’s software:

automatically  have citation results generated

Here is the list whitespark shows you:

citation list

Next, record how many Google reviews your company has. Simply go to, type
in the company name and find the number of reviews directly under your company listing.

record how many google reviews your company has

To ensure that the amount of reviews written about your company is expanding, it is important
to encourage your customers to express their opinions and experiences regarding your

Repeat these steps each month throughout your SEO campaign and continue to record them:

continue recording


Use your Citations & Review Template to enter information from your top competitor.

Start by recording how many citations your top competitor has.

top competitor citations

You can do this in White Spark by doing this:

top competitor  citations using white spark

White Spark will then show you how many citations your competitors have; all you need to do
is record them in your citation & review template:

record competitors citations using white spark

Next, record how many Google reviews your top competitor has.

record how many Google reviews your competitor has

You can find how many reviews your competitors have by:

find how many reviews your competitors have

Repeat these steps each month to determine if you are catching up to, and surpassing, your top

repeat the steps each month


After performing your initial competition research, determine how many citations and reviews
your company must generate to surpass your top competitor. Then, determine how long it will
take to accumulate higher numbers of citations and reviews than your competition.

After giving yourself an ample amount of time to accumulate citations and reviews, be sure to
check your monthly progress to ensure that your SEO campaign is on track.


Following these steps will help you successfully outperform the competition to obtain and
maintain a high ranking position on Google Local and Places:

  • Download the Citation & Review template
  • Record how many citations your company currently has
  • Record how many reviews your company currently has
  • Record the amount of citations and reviews your company has each month through the duration of your goal period.

Follow these same steps to record the numbers from your top competitor

By following the steps outlined in this tutorial and using the Citation & Review template, you
will be able to vastly improve the ranking of your company on Google.