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About Web Biz Networks LLC

Web Biz Networks, LLC is a Minneapolis based IT solutions provider with extensive experience in adding value to our client’s project through our blended delivery method. Innovative and “out-of-the-box” thinking are the defining characteristics of Web Biz Networks LLC.

Planning & Implementation

The planning phase will be done using a workshop format based upon the 1st milestone. After the Planning phase, work will proceed in earnest with members at our development center, collaborating largely through the project ticket system with weekly builds ensuring effective production and goal tracking.


We have made the following assumptions in preparing this plan:

  • After making payment for the functional system requirements, all changes to the projects design and functionality will be managed under a change management procedure agreed to by Web Biz Networks LLC and client. The client will be notified if the project changes will affect the completion date or price before the change(s) commence. If the client agrees to the changes in time the project will continue as planned and projected.
  • Web Biz Networks LLC will be able to place to small website design text link in the footer of the client’s website.
  • After each milestone delivery the client will get one round of changes that can be submitted. The changes must reside within the scope of the project listed above. All changes must be submitted in one written document or written ticket within our ticket system. If additional changes are submitted after the original change document. An additional charge of $55/hour will be assessed for the time it takes to complete the changes. (Additional changes does not include the following: graphic design changes submitted during milestone 1, server errors caused by our coding team, changes not completed according to the changes document submitted by the client)
  • All coding is warranted for 30 days after final payment. If a coding error occurs within 30 days Web Biz Networks LLC will fix the error for free. If the client tampers or changes the code Web Biz Networks LLC will charge $85/hour to fix the error
  • If the client wants continued support after the 30 day warranty. Web Biz Networks LLC will charge $150/month to support the client’s website.
  • Support includes answering questions for the client and fixing any coding errors. (Coding errors caused by the client or someone else accessing the source code and manipulating the it will NOT be covered under the $150/month support fee).
  • Upon delivery, the system will be migrated to the client servers.
  • If the customer takes longer than 24 hours to respond to Web Biz Networks LLC’s questions. Web Biz Networks LLC cannot confidently stay within the estimated timeframe.
  • Client will identify a single point of contact for Web Biz Networks LLC who will have executive oversight of the project and will provide all domain expertise required or this project.

Web Biz Networks LLC Roles and Responsibilities

The Project Manager shall be responsible for advising the Web Biz Networks LLC team on possible approaches and client requirements. He shall also provide feedback to client on business-technology overlap issues pertaining to the project as well as the last point of escalation in case of unresolved issues. The Web Biz Networks LLC Project manager will be responsible for resolving all issues raised by the team.

Progress Reporting and Issue Resolution

Project-related communication between client and project manager will be via phone or online ticket system. Client will be provided with the project manager’s ticket system ID. Formal communication and project progress monitoring will be done strictly via ticket system. There will be a ticketing system for issue escalation and resolution purposes.

All issues will be logged and instantly communicated either by the client or the project manager via phone or ticket system. Any unresolved issues in excess of 2 working days will call for a direct communication between the client and the project manager, who will jointly work out an action plan for resolution and will be recorded.

At the client’s discretion we will maintain communication using MS outlook, local telephony communication, postal services and facsimile.

Client’s Responsibilities

Client needs to provide the following to Web Biz Networks LLC team:

  • Respond to queries raised by Web Biz Networks LLC within 24 hours of Web Biz Networks LLC’s request in order for Web Biz Networks LLC to meet the project timeline.
  • Shall not try directly or indirectly to induce the employees or the management team working on the project, to make any alterations in the project or to perform any other related work/project outside the scope of the agreement, at an unofficial level and without any documentation.
  • Client does not have the right to hire any of Web Biz Networks LLC’s employees/consultants directly and does not have the right to the source code if client fails to pay invoices in due time.
  • The Client shall be entitled to have access to all work products including, but not limited to designs and codes paid for at a specific time.
  • Web Biz Networks LLC assigns professionals to perform the work assigned to them using the resources provided by Client. Client will defend and hold Web Biz Networks LLC harmless at Client’s sole expense from any claims that the use of the resources provided by Client infringes any copyright/license agreements/patents, copyrights or trade secrets or other proprietary rights of any third party.
  • This contract and the pursuant engagement will be conducted under the jurisdiction of the state of Minnesota for all legal purposes.
  • The client will provide content and images (if specific personal images are required) for website.
  • Client will need to initiate resource allocation requirements 2 weeks prior to resource realignment

Web Biz Networks LLC’s Responsibilities

To appoint a project manager and deploy a team of professionals, as required, to undertake the activities related to the execution of the project.

  • Client will be sent status or milestone based progress reports.
  • To perform the activities, as per the scope of the work, as defined or re-defined from time to time on the best effort basis.
  • Web Biz Networks LLC will keep all information, source code, and details completely confidential and secure.
  • Training the client on how to use administrative area when necessary

Fees and Expenses

Cost: Determined Per Project

All progress payments are non-refundable.  All work will be suspended if any payment is outstanding for more than 5 working days, and Web Biz Networks LLC shall be not liable for any damages to the client as a result of suspension of work or unfinished work product. If payment is not made in full Web Biz Networks LLC will own all coding and graphics.


This agreement shall always be subject to the jurisdiction of Minnesota Courts.