Marketing & Design Standards

WebBizIdeas follows ethical search engine optimization guidelines to ensure that your website will consistently rank high in the list of sites on search engines. We follow the SEO rules set up by Google and other search engines like Bing, and Yahoo. These ethical optimization methods allow websites to rank high naturally, and stay high even after we have done our job. From the very first day working with you, our focus is the on-page optimization factors, and then off-page factors. After this is complete, the website’s main page will be optimized properly according to the rules of SEO, and your website will get to a point where it will hover around the agreed rankings.

White Label SEO

We don’t place a tag line saying “SEO by (company name)” on our client’s websites, and this will lead their clients to assume that SEO has been done in-house. There are advantages to having the consumer believe this. If you rank higher for a certain search term, they will think more highly of your business. Search engines will also presume that the SEO has been done by you or has been an in-house project, so your pages will get more attention.

No Black Hat Techniques or SEO Tricks

We strictly avoid the use of “tricky” or black hat optimization techniques at WebBizIdeas. Instead, we use natural search engine optimization methods so that your site gains in the rankings more organically, through a content-based approach. Black hat techniques rely more on technology and often ignore the terms of service set by search engines, so these methods can result in the search engines temporarily or even permanently banning such websites. The following practices are not used at WebBizIdeas:

  • Putting unnatural-sounding text throughout the site strictly for optimization
  • Spamming or stuffing keywords throughout the site
  • Having doorway pages
  • Setting up cloaked pages
  • Getting links from just any website, just to have links
  • Linking from paid sites and banned sites
  • Linking from FFA websites
  • Cloaking
  • Invisible text
  • Webpage Flooding

WebBizIdeas employs skilled workers with high levels of experience, and we know how to correctly optimize websites for your needs. We have high quality and ethics standards and consistently follow these standards when optimizing websites.

Website Design Standards

We build websites that are friendly both for the machines (search engine bots, browsers, and devices) that display the information and the people who use them. We code according to W3C standards using the following technologies: CSS, HTML, PHP, JavaScript and Ajax. All our current designs use table-less markup that separates the structure of the web page from the presentation. There are times when special fonts are required for headlines on a website. For these cases, we use standards compliant font replacement techniques. Our code is tested and displayed correctly in the following browsers: Internet Explorer 7+, Firefox 3.5+, Google Chrome and Safari 4+. The minimum screen resolution we test for is 1024 x 768. If your site needs to be displayed correctly on smaller screen resolutions, such as mobile devices, we must know this ahead of time so we can make arrangements to test to a minimum screen resolution of 240px.