IM Leagues

Website Design

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IMLeagues.com is a social networking website for college intramural leagues. College students can create teams, edit players, and monitor their intramural leagues on this custom social networking website. The system allows colleges to monitor their leagues, schedule new ones, and manage payments all in one place. Students can even take advantage of all the typical features a social network can offer.

Intramural Scheduler

The main purpose of this website was to allow colleges to manage their intramural sports in a social networking atmosphere. Colleges could have a master profile and students with approved emails could join their college profile. Once inside their college page, schedules and options to register for intramurals appear. As students register and pay their fees, the colleges also have a scheduling tool, giving them the ability to auto populate their intramural schedule with games and also make manual updates. The system can also automatically notify the teams and all its students on the game schedule. The scheduler can even setup playoffs in a round robin format.

College Registration

Each college can register for free. Once registered the admin would need to approve them as a real college. Once the college was approved, they have an entire master control panel. The control panel allows them to pick colors, upload logos, and customize their school pages to the schools liking. The ability to brand and free registration tools has been driving growth for imleagues.com.