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The Best Chiropractic Web Design

No two chiropractic websites are alike. You may have seen those with YouTube videos, or those with an on-screen character that walks out and begins talking to you. Lately you may have seen many sites featuring a lot of boring search-engine-friendly content on the home page, with links to 100s of related industry or 'content rich' pages.

Some chiropractors feel they are falling behind the times, and that if they can just get a chiropractic website up and running, that's a start. That if they can just hire an SEO firm or good chiropractic web design company to promote their business for a few hundred bucks a month, it's a step in the right direction. Unfortunately, these people are viewing websites as more of a commodity than what they really can be...a lead generation machine!

Great Chiropractic Web Design
Makes You More Money

97% of consumers now shop online for services! That's a huge number. It means that the majority of your potential customers will judge whether they should hire you based upon their first impression of your website – a website discovered through search engines or social media. For business owners who have a stone age website, that's bad news. However, with a great chiropractic web design, it can be your opportunity to take control of all that website traffic, and convert it into new leads!

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Chiropractic Web Design:
3 Core Software Foundations

Before looking at what makes a great chiropractic website, lets look 'under the hood' at the how the software should be built.

Wordpress CMS

Why is Wordpress the most popular content management system? Why have 35 million people decided to have their web designers build their site using Wordpress? Simply put, Wordpress is easy to use. With no experience (it's as easy as typing an email) you can edit or build new pages. Want to publish a new blog post? No problem.

Building in Wordpress CMS saves you money every time you need to update or build new pages. Just like apps for a phone, there are over 20,000 "plugins" for Wordpress (mostly free) that a web designer can install for you. Why pay to have new features custom built, when you can just download them for free?

Responsive Design

Traditionally, chiropractic websites were built for a certain monitor length. But with monitors getting bigger and mobile devices getting smaller, local web designers are choosing a responsive design that adapts to any device or browser, allowing potential customers to easily find what they need.

You don't need to pay for both a website and a mobile site if your website is built with responsive design. Instead of defining a fixed number of pixels, responsive designers ensure a website adjusts to any device, monitor, or resolution when a user attempts to view it. This means guests using their Smartphone or tablet will consistently have a good experience when visiting your website, instead of seeing what looks like a broken or outdated version.

Website Architecture

People browse websites in a specific way. Someone comparing chiropractic services often knows exactly what they are looking for before they even land on a site. Instead of forcing them to hunt down information, build a website that delivers content in the exact location they expect it to be. Your website may have a lot of fancy bells and whistles, but that isn't enough to ensure people will choose you.

WebBizIdeas invests time studying how visitors interact with each client's site. Just like a retail store owner may watch where people go in their stores, what aisles they go down, what products they buy or almost buy, we analyze chiropractic website traffic in a similar way. Then we tweak, add or remove certain call-to-actions, encourage people to fill out a lead form, or other such measures. This is why our clients not only rank #1 in Google, but convert a high proportion of those new visitors into new customers.

Chiropractor Web Design Best Practices:
Core Website Components

You Have 3 Seconds, Does Your Chiropractic Website Perform?


Research shows that internet users are impatient, and decide in just 3 seconds if they want to stay on the website. Does your site have a compelling headline or value proposition that grabs their attention?


Don't waste visitors' time having them hunt down a way to contact you. Although they may not fill it out right way, make sure they know where the 'Contact Us' form is located, for when they are ready to move forward.

Confidence Builders

Visitors are anxious and skeptical. They want to be reassured that they are dealing with a credible business. Adding a 'Meet The Team' page helps to decrease this anxiety.


Research shows that internet users are impatient and they decide quickly (3 seconds) if they want to stay on the website. Does your site have a compelling headline or value proposition that grabs the visitor's attention?


Does your picture appear in Google when someone searches locally for your services? If you don't code your name, address, and phone number correctly on your site, you're not getting all the benefits of local search traffic.

Book Appointments

Make it easy for people to book an appointment on their mobile phones, tablets and desktop computers. For example: Include "Tap to Call", "Tap to Send a Message" and "Tap to Get Directions" at the top of every page on mobile devices.


Your business' location is a deciding factor in whether someone actually comes to your office or not. For service-oriented businesses, such as chiropractors, you may have 100 more positive reviews than your competitors, but if you aren't near their home or office, no one will choose you. Make sure you include an interactive map (Google Maps API is recommended) with easy directions to your location.

Descriptive Content

People usually find a local website in Google by searching for EXACTLY what they need. Get creative or pay someone else to do it for you, but either way your local business website design needs to have compelling sales content:

Resource Center: Showcase Your Expertise With A Resource Center!

Blogs are boring. Who is really going to follow a dentist's blog? Are they truly excited for their doctor's next great post on how to brush one's teeth? Creating compelling local content can be challenging, but it will a lot easier if you have the right medium for delivering your information.

Resource centers allow you to showcase your expertise in a professional way. It allows potential customers to (1) find information that they may specifically be looking for, (2) know where to find information if and when they need it, and (3) see that you do really know what you're talking about.

Also, when you build your site in Wordpress, which allows you to easily modify the code, you can link the author's name under each resource center post using rel=author (microformats), and your picture will appear in the search engines like this:

Social Engagement: Encourage Customers To Interact With Your Brand

Everyone is on Facebook. Your customers use social media sites like Facebook, Yelp, Google+, AngiesList, Twitter, Pinterest and others to determine if they should hire you. Social media marketing doesn't need to be hard if you build it into your website. Social media icons that encourage social interactions can get you started on the right track:

Local SEO As Part Of Local Business Web Design

The success or failure of a local website today is often determined by how it ranks in Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Your business will not rank #1 just because you built a website. When building a local business website it is wise to keep SEO in mind. Don't build your website and then get in contact with an SEO expert. If you don't build your website with SEO in mind, you will absolutely end up having to re-design your site, so save your time and money and look into our Local SEO Services.

Local SEO Services don't have to be terrifying. We recommend arming yourself with some local SEO knowledge before hiring any SEO company. WebBizIdeas' internet marketing director, Jeff Foster, offers a fantastic series of 'Local SEO Tutorials' that will help you understand more of what goes on behind the scenes of a real SEO company.


How Many People Are Searching For Your Chiropractic Services In Your Local Area?

Find Out By Calling (952) 935-4852 or, by clicking "Get Started" Below: